How it all started?

On returning to Mumbai, India, after spending 10 years in United States doing my masters in computer science and working for top multinationals I was passionate about being an entrepreneur. In India, I felt kids were lacking quality educational toys and exposure to real playing. Gadgets were creeping in a big way and the feel and intellect of playing with another human was vanishing. Teaching (for parents) and learning (for kids) was becoming a task which didn't seem enjoyable. That is when we thought of creating a place like Bizzi Bees, the educational toy rental library.


The motto of Bizzi Bees is to encourage learning in a playful way. We want kids to learn, they need to be taught but in a way which is neither stressful for parents nor kids. Children possess a natural curiosity to explore and play acts as a medium to do so.

At Bizzi Bees we have several educational toys which are fun and instil learning in a playful way. The main vision of our company is to develop the minds of the little ones in their early years. We want to help them build a strong foundation to prepare them for challenges ahead - And we want to achieve all this as they are having fun.
Our rental toys give you the launch pad to infuse play in the formative years of your child.

Improve children's imaginations and you'll improve their aptitude for creative thinking and problem-solving, while also setting them on a path to self-discovery. We want our kids to be happy and, ideally, building a career when they grow up that's true to their core selves.