Buzz @ Clubs

We conduct workshops and events for each of these clubs with the aim of enhancing your child's interest and social skills. Members are strongly encouraged to benefit from these by indicating preferences at the time of registration.

As part of a quarterly membership, Honey Bee and Bumble Bee members can avail upto 2 and 4 workshops respectively for free. Members are welcome to attend more at a discounted rate. Members can also bring along friends and family for a fee for to these workshops.

All workshops are conducted by qualified professionals in small exclusive batches. The workshops utilise a play-way approach with parents given a feedback about their child's experience.

Our schedule for these events change every quarter. The latest schedule it posted on our website and Facebook page.

Click here to view the current schedule.

Book club

Calling storytellers and readers, enhancing vocabulary and preparing little ones to be leaders.

Crafty club

Its the messy time with paper and glue, look hard and you’ll find that creative clue.

Fine arts club

Let’s draw & paint nice and bright, It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right.

Music & Dance club

Lets rock ‘N roll on the beat, singing out loud and tapping that feet.

Chef’N club

Master chef’s - it’s your turn
To cook it up as you learn.

Math wizard

Do you believe numbers can go on and on with no real end, then put on those brainy caps and plan to attend.

Science club

The questioning’ve come to the right spot, get all the answers that you ever sought.

Theatre club

The drama queens & kings are here, See them so confidence enacting your favourite Shakespeare.

Gardening club

Its time to put those gardening tools in your bag, We’ll get muddy but there will be no one to nag.

Outdoor club

Hey there...We’ll explore a new outdoor place, Make sure you’re comfortably dressed with tied up shoe lace.

Fitness club

Jumping jacks, skipping, high jumps & more, We’ll stop when you begin feeling sore.

Multimedia club

Multimedia could be a boom...whatever you say, Only when kids are guided to use it in the right way.