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Honey Bee

(Honey Bee - Basic package
No. of toy borrow per week: 3
Monthly membership fee: Rs.1000/-
Quarterly membership fee: Rs.2800/-
Refundable deposit: Rs.1000/-
One-time registration fee: Rs.500/-

Bumble Bee

(Bumble Bee - Premium package
No. of toy borrow per week: 2
Monthly membership fee: Rs.1600/-
Quarterly membership fee: Rs.4500/-
Refundable deposit: Rs.2500/-
One-time registration fee: Rs.500/-

Friends and Family
Google search
Book club
Crafty club
Fine arts club
Music & Dance club
Chef’N club
Math wizard
Science club
Theatre club
Gardening club
Outdoor club
Fitness club
Multimedia club

*Max 4 clubs for Bumble Bee and 2 clubes for Honey Bee