How many products can I take every month?

It depends on your chosen plan e.g. If you opt for the “Member & Borrow” you may take 4 toys/books a week that totals to 16 a month.

How much do I have to pay to join Bizzi Bees?

A one-time registration fee of Rs. 500/- is charged for every NEW registration. Security deposit and fees varies according to the membership plan. We have 3 packages to choose from.

For how long can I keep the products?

For making optimum use of the services, you should change weekly. You can keep the products for a maximum of 2 weeks. Please renew the product within the allowed borrowing period (7 to 14 days depending on membership plan) to avoid late fees.

What if I am late in returning my products?

The products have to be returned or renewed (only once per toy/book) within the allowed borrowing period or a late fee of Rs.200 per product borrowed that is late will be applicable. If your membership is expiring, you will have to return all the products and then either renew your membership or discontinue.

How will I know whether I have borrowed the product earlier or no?

We will maintain a record for you to check at the library.

What do I do if the product is damaged by me?

Products bought back incomplete (i.e. minor damages or pages torn) will be fined Rs. 250. Products which are damaged and cannot be used (i.e. missing puzzle pieces, etc.) will be charged the original cost of the product. The applicable amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

How do deductions work with security deposit?

The replacement cost of the product (damaged by your child) will be deducted from the security deposit.

Within a membership period (such a 3 or 6 months), if the security deposit amount dips below 40%, we will ask you to replenish it back to the original amount. E.g.: You have made a security deposit of Rs. 3000 for jumbo membership for 3 months. If you return a damaged toy that costs Rs. 1800, your security deposit amount will dip down to Rs. 1200. Since this amount is less than 40%, we will request you to pay us Rs. 1800 to bring back the security deposit amount to Rs. 3000.

At the time of membership renewal, the security deposit has to be brought back to the original amount. E.g.: You have made a security deposit of Rs. 3000 for jumbo membership for 3 months. If you return a damaged toy that costs Rs. 300, your security deposit will be held at Rs. 2700. If this is the only damage incurred at the end of 3 months i.e. at the time of membership renewal you will have to pay Rs. 300 to bring back your security deposit amount to Rs. 3000.

How do I get my Deposit back?

At the time of closing the membership, after we receive all the borrowed products (we’ll check the products) and we shall refund the security deposit as per membership plan.

How can I gift Bizzi Bees membership?

Yes. Speak to us for details.

Can I donate toys?

Yes, you can donate good conditioned products to Bizzi Bees. Speak to us for details

What are the benefits of referring a friend?

You get 2 weeks membership FREE for every member you suggest subscribes to Bizzi Bees.

Do you clean your toys?

We follow 3 steps sanitization process between each rental (issue) i.e. Cleaning using 100% natural cleaner, disinfecting the toy and then putting it in plastic covers to avoid sitting dust on the toys before reissued to next member.

Do members get Cards?

Yes, all the members will get Bizzi Bees Card. This will be an identity card which will act as the Proof of your membership. It will contain a numerical code, through which all the transaction will be done.

What if the Card is Lost or Damaged?

If the card is lost or damaged, the member should inform us immediately. A new card will be issued with a fine of Rs.100.

How can we change the plan or Upgrade it?

Change or up-gradation in plan will be done in the next billing cycle.

How do I renew/extend the same toy for rental?

Just call Bizzi Bees and let us know if you want to extend the toy period. Subject to no other customer booking the toy, we will be happy to extend the toy period by 1 week.

How do I collect Reward Points?

We want to encourage good behaviour in our member children and we strongly believe that positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. So, instead of you standing guard over the Bizzi Bees toys/books all the time, we want you to tell your kids that for every product that they return in perfect condition, we will credit 1 Reward Points into their account. Once they have collected 80 points, they are entitled to 2 extra boys/books for 1 week.