Bizzi BeesOur signature toys, activities, multimedia
learning tools, development modules are
from Melisa & Doug, Lakeshore Learning
Lego, Learning Resources, Little Genius
Skill-O-Fun, Clever Cubes, Orchard Toys
Bizzi BeesBumble Bee - Premium package
No. of toy borrow per week: 2
Monthly membership fee: Rs.1600/-
Quarterly membership fee: Rs.4500/-
Refundable deposit: Rs.2500/-
One-time registration fee: Rs.500/-
Bizzi BeesHoney Bee - Basic package
No. of toy borrow per week: 3
Monthly membership fee: Rs.1000/-
Quarterly membership fee: Rs.2800/-
Refundable deposit: Rs.1000/-
One-time registration fee: Rs.500/-
Bizzi BeesKids at home and don’t know what to do,
They have so many toys which still seem few...
Join the creative way to play-n-learn
And enjoy and develop your mind in return...

About Bizzi Bees

Improve children’s imaginations and you’ll improve their aptitude for creative thinking and problem-solving, while also setting them on a path to self-discovery.

Countless ways to play

To inspire imagination

To develop motor skills, math skills, speech skills.

Discover what your children love and nurture their passions.

Not only ore we the imagination coach, we're also the equipment manager. We at Bizzi Bees, continually enhance the toy box keeping play open-ended & imaginative. Our collection grows with children through multiple stages of their development.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Children can borrow items weekly as per their membership plan.
  • Whatever you borrow has to be returned by the end of your borrow period.
  • If you wish to renew a borrowed item, you will be allowed to do so ONLY for a maximum of one week and ONLY IF prior renewal request is made and there is no one else in queue for the same item.
  • If a toy or book is not returned or renewed (by permission) within the allowed borrowing period, a late fee of Rs.200 per item per week will be charged.
  • Products bought back with minor damages (e.g. pages slightly torn but not missing) that can be repaired and used again will be fined Rs.250.
  • Products which are damaged such that they cannot be used (e.g.: missing puzzle pieces, broken, etc.) will be charged the market value of the product as determined by Bizzi Bees.
  • The applicable amount will be deducted from the security deposit. (Read section "Deposit" for details).
  • A lost write-up or picture will be charged Rs.50 and damaged bag will be charged Rs.100.

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